Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2016

Images of the crisis – crisis of the image?

Introductory lecture with film examples

by Jan Kühnemund


The lecture will introduce the film series. Its starting point is the observation that there is hardly a currently socio-politically relevant field where the political and the visual merge as significantly and as rigorous as in debates around undocumented – or ‘illegal’ – immigration to Europe. By enquiring into the visuality of the refugee crisis by means of examples taken from different films, the lecture will on the one hand present different attempts to capture undocumented migration movements on film; it will on the other hand ask if film images can potentially oppose dominant image politics and thus make those on the screen visible and audible in a participative way. The lecture will explicitly address the role the camera can play when she enquires the transnational borderlands and other spaces of migration. And it will look especially for those images that are able to arouse empathy moving beyond stereotypes – or even drawing all their power from the reversal of certain clichés.

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